Dover Castle

The Dover Castle, which is located near the UK, is in good standing with tourists who are in a hurry to visit it from many countries of the world. This popularity is ensured by this building by the honorary title of the oldest castle in this country, and of course, colorful legends, which are an integral part of it.

Dover Castle

A huge building was erected on the coastal territory of the Pa de Cale Bay BC. Later, the castle gained a name that sounds like « Key to England », due to its successful location in the middle of the two countries – France and England.

The original appearance of the Dover Castle did not reach us, but with a little imagination, it is quite possible to imagine what it was originally. Scientists say that the palace castle was erected on a hill that towered over the buildings of the city and was surrounded by a moat that protected it from enemy raids.

Dover Castle

In the middle of the 1st century AD, these lands were inhabited by the Romans, who began to develop the city as a Roman port. It is at this time that a couple of lighthouses are being erected here, one of them can be observed even in our time.

In the fall of the Roman Empire, the Dover Castle Palace also began to lose its destiny. According to scientists, for nearly four centuries in a row, this building did not bring historical value. But this area was liked by the English ruler Harold II, who strengthened it and even built the church of St. Mary Castro, which rises today.

Later, between 1179 and 1188, the Dover Castle, by order of Henry II, was completely reconstructed. In a considerable amount, the ruler poured out a grand restructuring of the noble structure. The palace was really equipped with a large scale, it accommodated many fireplaces, stairs, water supply and even sewage. Behind its walls was a couple of chapels, one of which belonged personally to the king. The Dover Castle is also famous for the presence of a large number of towers, two of which served as the protection of the royal gate.

Also, the castle changed its appearance under the rule of the heirs of the king – Richard and John the Landless.

During the Napoleonic Wars, the walls of the Dover Castle were accommodated by about two thousand soldiers, for whom special tunnels were dug. When the wars ended, they were almost never used, and only during the Second World War the tunnels of the Dover castle initially served as a bomb shelter, and then they equipped a military hospital here.

Travelers from different countries have the opportunity to see the huge museum located in Dover Castle to enjoy the wonderful ancient architecture, as well as the unique internal interior of this tourist destination, that is saturated with the spirit of English monks of different times.

Dover Castle Dover Castle Dover Castle Dover Castle Dover Castle Dover Castle
Dover Castle - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 51.129722
Longitude: 1.321389


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