Pamukkale is a popular attraction in Turkey in the province of Denizli. The name in translation means "Clap Castle". At its core, it is a concentration of hot springs in which there is a high concentration of calcium, due to which local waters have healing properties.


In total, there are 17 hot springs in Pamukkala, there are still unique terraces ponds that came from limestone. These cascades of water bodies have been known for at least 400 years and formed due to the fact that calcium salts flowed from a source on a mountain and gradually settled, forming natural barriers to water. In 1988, this area, as well as the ruins of the ancient city of Ierapolis, were listed on the World Heritage List. The city was founded about 200 years BC, and in 1534 it was destroyed by tremors. One of the first buildings on the territory of Hierapolis arose 2000 years before our era. The city constantly passed from hand to hand, at various times it was ruled by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Turks. At one time there was one of the centers of Christianity, the apostle St. Philip was immediately executed. Of the surviving buildings, it is worth noting the Ancient Greek Theater, whose capacity is more than 15,000 people. In Ierapolis you can also see the ancient necropolis, the ruins of the temple of Apollo and the tomb of St. Philip.

Although the ( travertins ) can only admire, it does not stop some tourists. In water bodies it is forbidden to swim, walk along its edges. For these purposes, the Cleopatra basin was opened, near Ierapolis. This source is known since ancient times.


The temperature in these waters is usually 37 ° C. Many modern hotels in Pamukkala have their own mud and hot springs. Among all sources, Karakhait is especially distinguished, which has a reddish outflow of water and a temperature of 60 ° C. Its color is explained by many dissolved minerals.

Among the attractions of Pamukkale, it is also worth noting the Chaldag mountain, with which hot springs have been beating for hundreds of years. Going down, the water formed many small terraces with ponds. Nowadays, several health centers have been opened on the lands of Pamukkale, in which you can successfully combine relaxation and treatment.

Pamukkale Pamukkale Pamukkale Pamukkale Pamukkale Pamukkale
Pamukkale - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 37.923056
Longitude: 29.123889


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