Phi Phi Le

Phi Phi Le is an island in the Andaman Sea that became known to many from the filming of the film "Beach" in 2000. Today it is a popular island among tourists and divers.

Phi Phi Le

The main attraction of the island is Maya Bay beach, which is a bay of 400 by 300 meters, which surrounds on 3 sides of the cliff about 100 meters high. The beauty of limestone rocks amazes the imagination, it is complemented by pure coral sand, clear water and an extensive coral reef in which numerous divers love to spend time. By the way, there are quite a lot of scuba diving enthusiasts among tourists. Someone swims among coral reefs, and someone with a pipe dives to a shallow depth, looking at the underwater inhabitants and landscapes.

In the afternoon, you can’t push through the beach, so in order to admire the local expanses in silence you need to stay in the bay overnight, for this you need permission from the Phi Phi National Park, but such permission to buy is quite simple. It can be purchased in almost all travel agencies of Phi Phi Don Island. Staying overnight can take magnificent pictures of Maya Bay Bay during sunset and dawn.

Phi Phi Le

If you settle on the island of Phi Phi Don, then right in the morning you can hire a boat for several people for 1,500 baht and go on a trip for several hours. Typically, such a tour includes a visit to Maya Bay, Pi Leh and Loch Samah, a trip around Phi Phi Le. If you stay overnight, it will cost approximately 2500 baht.

It is worth noting that the filming of the film "Beach" was associated with a big scandal. The fact is that for filming the leadership of the film company using heavy technology to change the natural relief of the area, destroying trees and sand dunes. After of course, the film company allocated money for the restoration of the beach, but the scandal flared up serious and, by decision of the Thai court, accused Thai officials and the film company.

Until 2004, the island was not interesting for tourists, now it is connected to the Phi-Phi National Park, campings, toilets, bars were arranged on its beaches. Divers charge a dive of 600 baht.

Phi Phi Le Phi Phi Le Phi Phi Le Phi Phi Le Phi Phi Le Phi Phi Le
Phi Phi Le - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 7.683333
Longitude: 98.766667


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