Lake jellyfish Lake jellyfish Lake jellyfish Lake jellyfish

Lake jellyfish

The lake of jellyfish is named after its inhabitants, since it contains more than two million jellyfish of various colors, shapes and sizes. There is a lake in the Republic of Palau thirty kilometers from its capital and is its main attraction. This small lake 460 meters long and 160 meters wide formed a pond filled with salt water. The depth of the lake reaches 50 meters.

The jellyfish lake was formed over 35 million years ago through the collisions of two plates. Jellyfish penetrated the resulting cavity through the pores of limestone from the ocean.

The lake water is divided into two layers: the first contains oxygen and the entire living life of the lake lives, and the second, lower layer, contains ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, in it the percentage of hydrogen is reduced to zero, as a result of which there are practically no inhabitants in it.

Two species of jellyfish live in the lake - gold and lunar. The first species is more common and numerous, they have a golden hue body with tentacles located along the edges.

Due to the lack of enemies in the pond, they multiply in large numbers. As a result of this, they can be seen from the height of the plane. All jellyfish are absolutely safe for people, they do not sting and leave no burn marks, since all protective functions are atrophied due to the lack of the need to defend themselves. Therefore, tourists can swim with jellyfish without fear of harm.

Diving is allowed in the lake, but scuba use is prohibited. Fans of scuba diving from around the world come here to admire the underwater beauty of the lake and swim with a million jellyfish, which immediately after immersion surround from all sides. Swelling is not allowed for two reasons: the first is through the resulting blisters from scuba gears that may die, and the second – is immersion at a depth of 15 meters and deeper, which is dangerous for human life.

Jellyfish feed on plants that grow in their body. In order for algae to receive a portion of ultraviolet light, grow and develop, jellyfish constantly migrate, following the sun, rotating counterclockwise, while changing body parts.

With the onset of night, gold jellyfish move to the depth of the lake, where the water is enriched with nitrogen, and the lunar remains on the surface to catch crustaceans.

The meticulous lake in Palau is a real paradise for its inhabitants, the wonderful inhabitants of – jellyfish live in this lake and rejoice, since there are absolutely no enemies in it.

Lake jellyfish - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 7.161111
Longitude: 134.376111


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