Tlos – is a very ancient city of Turkey that was in Likia ( it was a state that was located in the southern part of Asia Minor ). Nowadays, its ruins can be viewed in the province of Mugla, which belongs to the resort Turkish Riviera, which is about 35 km away. from Fethiye.


The history of the ancient city of Tlos is quite interesting and a little confusing, which is first remembered in the literature back in the 14th century BC. At first, he was subordinate to the Hittite power, and later became one of the main cities of Likia. And according to scientists, this city was also a sports capital. There were times when Tlos was in the power of the Roman Empire, as well as the main episcopal city. Around the 18th century, this city was inhabited by Turks, but later left it, and for some time it was abandoned. And only in 1838 did residents reappear in Tlos. Each nation present here has left its mark on a rich cultural heritage.

Nowadays, to look at the ruins of the ancient city of Tlos, you need to go through the north gate. One of the attractions of the city is the Acropolis, which is its center. Here rises a mountain, on the top of which is a fortress called Bloody Ali. This fortress has a great view of the valleys that are present nearby.


On its slopes are tombs with their sarcophagi, which, at first glance, resemble houses. There is also a tomb of the Belerofont family. This royal family was laid the foundation of the Berofont, which defeated Chimera near Olympos. At the very base of the hill you can look at the agora, as well as an amphitheater, the construction of which has been carried out for 150 years. There is also a stadium, which, according to assumptions, could accommodate 2,500 people. Also, among the rest of the buildings, you can find the Byzantine temple, in the middle of which there are seven gates, the appearance of which, especially beautiful, at sunset.

This ancient attraction of Turkey is available for visiting any day of the week. Getting to the ancient city of Tlos on your own is not difficult, but you can also use the tourism services provided in the nearest cities.

Tlos Tlos Tlos Tlos Tlos Tlos
Tlos - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 36.554444
Longitude: 29.418889


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