Marmaris is one of the best resorts in Turkey for tourists who prefer a quiet family vacation. Especially love Marmaris the British and Dutch, who understand a lot about a quality vacation.


The resort is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea near the Greek island of Rhodes, from where a ferry is constantly heading for Marmaris. The city is located on the peninsula and surrounded by mountains, from the sea it protects the island from storms, thanks to which large waves never reached the bay. All this, as well as developed infrastructure, has led to the fact that up to 2 million tourists from all over the planet come here in a year, despite the fact that the number of inhabitants is only 35,000.

The resort is divided into 4 districts: Merkez, Siter, Armutalan and Ichmeler. Between the districts, taxis of dolmushi travel from morning to late at night. Ichmeler has a beautiful beach and thermal springs, this place is suitable for family tourists. Armutalan has more shops, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and budget hotels. Fans of nightlife go, as a rule, to Barov Street, where there are many establishments that open at 23 and work until the morning. Entrance to them is completely free, in some they even give a welcome cocktail.


Marmaris was known back in the 11th century BC, then it was called Fiscos and was part of the zone of influence of the island of Rhodes, after 5 centuries the Persians came here, and in 334 BC. after the conquests of Alexander the Great, he again passed to Rhodes. In 395 he became part of the Byzantine Empire, in 1391 he was captured by the Turks and was no longer released. In 1522, one of the main attractions was built - the Marmaris fortress. During the First World War, the fortress was almost completely destroyed, only by the end of the century it was restored and the museum was opened. The castle has a garden, a fountain, an ethnographic museum, cannons and kernels to them everywhere, and the walls offer stunning views of the city, bay and surroundings.

Marmaris attracts the fact that even in the hottest month the temperature here does not rise above 35 ° C, and you can swim in the sea from May to November. The resort is surrounded by national parks with a large number of pine groves, so there is always clean air.

Marmaris Marmaris Marmaris Marmaris Marmaris Marmaris
Marmaris - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 36.856389
Longitude: 28.271111


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