Brief description of the country

With a population of over 83 million and an area of over 783 million square kilometers, Turkey is 97% in Asia and 3% in Europe. Ankara is recognized as the capital, the state language is Turkish, and the currency is the lira.

The country is washed by 4 seas at once - the Mediterranean, Black, Marmara and Aegean. You can go diving and kitesurfing. Istanbul is located between the Black and Marmara Seas, and it is best to visit the Mediterranean coast from April to November. Planning a trip to the Aegean coast should be from the end of spring to the middle of autumn.

In Turkey, almost 500 beaches are marked with Blue Flags (an award for cleanliness). By the number of well-groomed beaches, the country ranks 3rd in Europe. In autumn, the water in the sea does not immediately cool down, so this time of year is called the velvet season. In winter, sightseeing and skiing holidays are developed. The most visited ski resort is Uludag. The country is famous for its architectural monuments and sights. You can go to ancient ruins or visit national parks.

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