Wat Arun

The temple of Wat Arun has a very attractive appearance, which is a real attraction of all of Thailand. This remarkable architecture not only attracts unnecessary attention, but simply fascinates. Also very interesting and exciting is the history of its occurrence. Having visited this building, tourists simply come to delight.

Wat Arun

The Wat Arun Temple in Thailand was erected in honor of the god Arun, who is the god of dawn. It is for these reasons that the temple building has acquired such a name. You can also often hear what it is called the Temple of Dawn or the Dawn of Dawn.

For a sufficiently long period of time, the temple of Wat Arun was the main building of Thailand in its own way. For some time this building was a residence for the ruler of Thaksin.

Wat Arun

The temple attracts attention to itself, first of all, with a huge pagoda, which reaches 80 meters. She just catches her eye right from afar. Such a temple construction design exists for a reason, because in this country a high pagoda is associated with Mount Meru, which is sacred. The Thai people believe that this mountain has as many as 33 levels. Thanks to its huge pagoda, this building overshadows any tall building in all of Thailand.

Standing at the temple itself, you can consider the material from which this building was erected. They were served by broken porcelain, which has a property, on the sun's rays, transfusions with different colors. This material was delivered by ships from China as ballast.

Using the steep stairs, you can get to the observation deck, the entrance to which the sculptures of the guards protect. From here opens an unrivaled view of the surrounding beauties. Prangi ( towers ) the temple is embellished by porcelain and shells. At the very foundation of the temple structure are statues in the form of Chinese guards, as well as various animals. One of the terraces built several sculptures of the Hindu god Indra, riding on Eravan. On the lower terrace is the image of Buddha.

Wat Arun Temple is located on the very banks of the Chao Praia River and is the most remarkable building of the whole country.

Wat Arun - Temple of the morning dawn Wat Arun - Temple of the morning dawn Wat Arun - Temple of the morning dawn Wat Arun - Temple of the morning dawn Wat Arun - Temple of the morning dawn Wat Arun - Temple of the morning dawn
Wat Arun - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 13.743889
Longitude: 100.488611


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