Zoo Dusit

One of the fascinating places in Thailand is the zoo, which is located among the historical area of the city of Dusit. To its many guests it can offer a wide variety of entertainment, as well as interesting attractions. The tour with the Dusit Zoo will appeal to both adult visitors and children.

Zoo Dusit

Dusit Zoo is home to over 1300 species of animals. Here you can see both the huge representatives of the animal world and very small ones. The zoo's cells and enclosures fill numerous funny monkeys, predatory tigers, funny ponies, long giraffes, huge elephants and many other animals. This area is home to a large number of snakes, birds. Most of the children come here to see striped zebras and spotted giraffes. Kids really like to feed hippopotams from their hands, which is allowed in a certain period of time.

Among the zoo there is a pond where you can ride boats, while feeding food, numerous fish. In the park you can rent a bicycle and take a fascinating walk. Fans of military stories will certainly be interested in a special military bunker from the Second World War.

Zoo Dusit

Guests of the zoo can relax in the cafe, which is arranged in the park area, where you can drink aromatic coffee or eat sweet ice cream.

Many entertainment programs at the zoo are designed for childhood. Among such events is tram skiing in the park, feeding animals.

In the city of Dusit, where the park is located, there are no public block taxis. Here you can use the tram services, but its direction does not run past the zoo itself, so it is better to order a taxi or go on foot or rent a bicycle, since the city is not very large.

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Zoo Dusit - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 13.7725
Longitude: 100.516389


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