Koh Tao

The island of Koh Tao is located in the south of Thailand near Koh Samui and Phangan. Tourists are attracted by the untouched nature, clean beaches and picturesque views. Divers and families with children often fly here. In addition to relaxing and diving, you can go rock climbing or master the basics of Thai boxing. You can relax with the help of a Thai massage, which is done at almost every step.

Koh Tao

Basic information

Ko Tao is translated from Thai as turtle island. Previously, a large number of marine reptiles lived here, but over time they became fewer. The island covers 21 square kilometers. The population is 1.5 thousand people; according to statistics, more than 100 thousand people from different countries of the world come to this place every year. The most active seasons are from December to March, July to August. Most tourists live in bungalows or guest houses. Koh Tao is suitable for travel for people of all ages. It is quiet and peaceful here, but if you wish, you can go to a noisy party at a local club. For comfortable travel, tourists rent bicycles and motorcycles; taxi services are inexpensive.

What to see on the island

The nature of Koh Tao is particularly beautiful. Against its background, picturesque photographs are obtained that can be installed on an avatar on social networks. The island is famous for its underwater world, the water is clear, you can watch exotic fish. There are no major tourist attractions. We can say that every bay where you can dive plays their role. In the south of Koh Tao, you can go to the fishing museum opposite Rama V Rock. The highest point is considered to be “Two View”; there are other observation platforms.

Koh Tao

On the island of Koh Tao there are monitor lizards and blacktip sharks, but they do not pose a danger to human life. This is one of the safest places on the planet. Crimes are rarely committed here, the locals are peaceful and treat tourists well. The economy is mainly driven by tourism. Among the disadvantages are the lack of good drinking water, which you have to buy, and the high cost of electricity.

Koh Tao - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 10.09
Longitude: 99.838056


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