Erawan is a national park in Thailand, founded in 1975 on an area of 550 km2. The main attraction of the park is the cascading Erawan waterfall with a height of 831 meters.


Erawan Waterfall consists of 7 cascades, more than one and a half kilometers long, the highest point of the waterfall is at an altitude of 996 meters, and the lower one is at 165 meters. The seventh cascade of the waterfall is similar in appearance to the mythical three-headed elephant Erawan, hence the name of the waterfall. Due to the high content of calcium carbonate in the water, its color changes from turquoise to emerald. The first two cascades attract a lot of locals on weekends. It is worth noting that it is prohibited to bring food above the 2nd cascade of the waterfall. For convenience, a path has been laid to the 7th cascade of the waterfall; on the first 3 tiers it is concrete, and then a dirt path in some places passes along huge tree roots and channels extending from the waterfall. The last tier can be reached via a bamboo staircase, and at the very top of the Erawan waterfall there is an observation deck that partially runs along the river bottom. From the site you can view almost the entire national park

Also in the national park there are such attractions as the Phalun waterfall, karst caves in which you can see rock paintings of primitive people. In the rivers of the national park there are garra rufa fish, which cosmetologists use for skin peeling, as they bite off small pieces of skin.


The forests of the national park are covered mainly by mixed deciduous forests, but there are areas of bamboo forests. Ebony trees, mangoes, and apricots are also found in the forests of the park. Animals here include chamois, buffalos, elephants, sambars, wild boars, leopards, Javan macaques, gibbons, langurs.

Erawan Erawan Erawan Erawan Erawan Erawan
Erawan - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 14.383333
Longitude: 99.116667


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