Abisko National Park

Abisko is a Swedish national park near the Norwegian border. It was founded in 1909 almost immediately after the adoption of the law on the protection of nature. The park is surrounded on the south and west sides by mountains, along which a picturesque river flows, as well as part of the shore of Lake Turnetresk.

Abisko National Park

These places have been attracted by ecologists since 1903, this year a research station was built there, which in 1935 became part of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The scientific station continues to work today, conducting biological and geological research.

Noteworthy is Lake Turnetresk with an area of 332 km2, which is covered with edge ice for more than six months. This lake is 7 in size in Sweden and 2 in depth. It appeared under the influence of glaciers and almost the entire coastline is bogged down. The southern borders of Abisku Park are occupied by mountain ranges, the same can be stated about the western regions of the park zone. The nature of Abisku Park is especially curious to follow in the summer, namely, from June 13 to July 13, all this time the sun simply does not set. Visitors to the park can study its nature during a trip along the Kungsleden sightseeing route ( « Royal trail » ), its length is 390 km.

Abisko National Park

More lucky travelers will be able to see the many inhabitants of the park from among the Swedish fauna. In Abisku Park, both large animals live - brown bears, reindeers, moose, and smaller ones - wolves, wolverines, sands and lemmings. A rich ornith fauna of the park will not slip away from the sharp eyes of tourists who understand nature. Among which it is worth noting such representatives as: white owls, yurks, snipe, polar partridges, long-tailed scum, jars, golden eagles, beams, varacushki.

Abisko National Park Abisko National Park Abisko National Park Abisko National Park Abisko National Park Abisko National Park
Abisko National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 68.305556
Longitude: 18.646944


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