Brief description of the country

Sweden is located in Northern Europe, it is washed by the Baltic Sea. The area of the state is more than 447 thousand square kilometers, the population exceeds 10 million people. This is one of the largest Scandinavian countries, which ranks fifth in Europe in terms of territory.

People come here to see the sights of different eras, which are harmoniously intertwined with the modern way of life. Locals are proud of history and honor traditions. You can travel with the whole family, for children and comfortable conditions are created.

The climate in Sweden is temperate: the average winter temperature in the north is up to -17°С, in the center and in the south -5°С. In the cold season, skiing is popular. In summer in the north up to +20°C, in the central and southern parts it is 3-5 degrees warmer. The tourism season starts in mid-spring and ends in autumn. In spring, cherry blossoms, wild flowers and poppies bloom. Sailing season starts in May. Music festivals are held in summer, you can relax on equipped beaches.

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