Sarek National Park

Sarek - Sweden National Park in Lappland Province, covering an area of 1970 km2. Its neighbors are the national parks of Stura-Schöffalletta and Padhelanta. Sarek is considered the most popular park in the country among travelers and climbers. Camping in the park can very well spoil the weather, since it rains very often.

Sarek National Park

In Sarek, you can see 8 mountains with a height of more than 2 km, among which the 2nd highest mountain in Sweden is Sarekchkko. Because of its obstruction, few conquer the mountain. At an altitude of 1800, Axel Gamberg built an observatory in the 1900s. According to the old-timer, Axel wore all the materials to the top on his back. In total, the park has about a hundred glaciers. In 1996, the park was included in the World Heritage List as part of Laponia.

Sarek beckons with his vast expanses - this is Sweden's largest national park. It seemed as if the human foot did not advance into these places, silence, purity, steep mountain ranges, glaciers, fast mountain rivers all around. The terrain is rather harsh - there are no marked routes, there are no houses for spending the night, getting here you are left alone with nature, overcoming all its trials you feel how wonderful this park really is. The relief of the park is cut by rivers and valleys. It is worth noting the Rapapatho River in the Rapadalen Valley, which feeds on melt waters from several dozen glaciers at once. It is better to go to the park only to trained people, with all the necessary equipment. Many travelers are attracted to complete freedom of action here - they can make their own route, spend the night anywhere.

Sarek National Park

Such animals as: elk, lynx, deer, roe deer, squirrel, squirrel, hare were able to adapt to the harsh conditions of Sarek Park. In the transparent waters of the rivers, trout and charius feel good, but a special license is needed to catch them.

Sarek National Park Sarek National Park Sarek National Park Sarek National Park Sarek National Park Sarek National Park
Sarek National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 67.283333
Longitude: 17.7


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