Grand Mosque Jenna

The Grand Mosque Jenna – is a huge structure that was erected by human hands with clay. It is located among the West African state of Mali, where not a small number of tourists from all over the world are in a hurry to look at this unique clay-nano-fed building.

Grand Mosque Jenna

Scientists claim that the Jenna Mosque dates back to the 13th century, but changed its appearance many times, and the current appearance gained only in the last century. The uniqueness of the structure lies in the fact that its building material is not at all reliable bricks « banko », which include clay, manure, rice husk and hay. Such a construction is particularly cheap, but, of course, not reliable. The walls of the structure are destroyed, right in front of the eyes, in the first rains. The great mosque of Jenna rises and pleases the eyes of passers-by only because the local population carries out restoration of this building with their own hands every year.

If you come to this area after the rainy season, you can observe the picture as the local population, literally of the word, having stuck around the building, as if an anthill, is carrying out work to restore it. Using stairs, they climb onto the walls of the temple structure in order to wipe the slits and restore the destroyed masonry. Only after the restoration of the temple did they begin to repair their homes.

Grand Mosque Jenna

The great mosque consists of minarets, which rise 11 meters. The decoration of the towers of the building is ostrich eggs, which in this area symbolize purity and fertility.

Everyone went to the center of the temple until 1996, but after the frank photo shoot of the girls for one of the magazines, the clergy of the mosque forbade anyone who does not profess the Muslim faith to enter.

Everyone who wants to see the Grand Mosque Jenna well, there is an opportunity, climbing the roof of a neighboring house, where tourists are still allowed. Especially beautiful photos against the background of a fantastic structure are obtained in the early morning.

As you know, the interior of the Jenna Mosque is composed of several large halls, as well as long corridors that are separated by columns. One of the largest temple rooms is the prayer hall, the dimensions of which are 50x26 meters.

In recent years, electricity has been supplied to the temple building, and until that time there was a half-dead.

From tourists, interest in the Grand Mosque Jenna is increasing annually. To date, this building is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Grand Mosque Jenna Grand Mosque Jenna Grand Mosque Jenna Grand Mosque Jenna Grand Mosque Jenna Grand Mosque Jenna
Grand Mosque Jenna - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 13.905278
Longitude: -4.555556


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