Waterfalls of the Rufabgo stream

In Adygea, not far from the village of Kamenomostsky, there is a stunning in beauty cascade of waterfalls on the Bolshoi Rufabgo stream, attracting many tourists with its splendor.

Waterfalls of the Rufabgo stream

For the convenience of travelers, a section of the trail leading to the main waterfalls, which begins at the mouth of the stream, is marked. The mouth has a parking lot and a pedestrian bridge leading to the trail. It is worth noting that the passage is paid, and those who want to save money may have to go on foot from Kamenomostsky along the Belaya River. But in this case, you can visit other interesting places in the area: ancient gardens, Turkish bazaar, Skvoznaya cave. There is a very interesting legend about the cave, as well as waterfalls.

Waterfall Legend

Like any popular tourist destination, waterfalls have a beautiful fairy tale. Once upon a time, the powerful sorcerer Rufabgo lived in these parts in the cave of Skvo. Thanks to his magic, he became a giant and enslaved the nearest villages and took the most beautiful girls from them, and with those who tried to protect them he mercilessly killed them. In one of these villages lived a beauty in love with the guy Hajoh. Hajokh understood that the giant would soon come for her beloved, and then he went to look for the wizard Mezmai to find out the way in which to overcome the villain Rufabgo. From the sorcerer, he learned that Rufabgo can only be destroyed by scattering a special powder near him, which will plunge the giant into confusion, and then cut out his heart and throw it away as far as possible. Hajoh took the magic powder and went to the cave of an evil giant, where he called him to a duel. Rufabgo made this very laugh, but he moved with him to fight in the valley of the river. But heavy rainfall began, and the giant was stuck in the mud, and then Hajoh threw the powder into Rufabgo's face. The giant disoriented, and the young man instantly cut his chest with his sword, cut out his huge heart and threw it with all his might. The heart fell on the gorge of the stream, blocking it, over the years it turned into stone, and the waterfall that appeared in its place was called "Heart of Rufabgo". Since clay was washed and water became red in spring, local residents have been silent that it bleeds the heart of an evil sorcerer.

Waterfalls of the Rufabgo stream

The very first waterfall is located near the bridge and from it the Rufabgo stream falls into the Belaya River. Then comes the Shum waterfall 6 meters high, near it the travelers can relax in the clearing in conversations, have a bite to eat in the cafe. Further on the trail are waterfalls: Cascading, Heart of Rufabgo, Maiden's braid. On this, a well-maintained route ends and few decide to go further. There are 16 total waterfalls on the Rufabgo stream, among them the Kamnepad waterfalls, Grandiose, Lelkin, Gorbatny, Modest, Dry, Bowl of Love. To continue the further path, it is worth preparing in advance, because you will have to climb a steep path for almost 1 kilometer. But after all the trials, magnificent waterfalls up to 20 meters high will open in the eye.

Waterfalls of the Rufabgo stream Waterfalls of the Rufabgo stream Waterfalls of the Rufabgo stream Waterfalls of the Rufabgo stream Waterfalls of the Rufabgo stream Waterfalls of the Rufabgo stream
Waterfalls of the Rufabgo stream - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 44.263333
Longitude: 40.171944


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