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Bannerghatta National Park is located in India in southern Karnataka. Zoological park, consisting of hills and rainforests, covers an area of about 105 km2. The park was created in 1974 with the goal of saving endangered animals. This park is impressive for varieties of exotic representatives of flora and fauna.

Bannerghatta Park is divided into zones: a zoo, a butterfly park, a reptile park, a tiger reserve, a theater and a museum, and a space is reserved for safari for tigers, lions and herbivores.

To consider the entire area of Bannerghatta Park, the services of local elephants are used. On top of them you can consider the beauty and diversity of the representatives of the fauna in the natural conditions of stay. For safer movement, bus conditions are offered.

The zoo presents rare species of animals and birds, such as leopards, porcupines, iguanas, white peacocks and many others. Each species is fenced. In the zoo area there is a museum in which you can see all the inhabitants of the park in miniature. But many animals can be seen outside the zoo, they move freely around the park and feel free and calm – these are elephants, tigers, lions, bears, gaura, monkeys and others. Some of the animals were saved from illegal circuses, and the territory of the park serves as their refuge.

The symbol of India, the Bengal tiger, lives in the tiger reserve. The reptile park is famous for many species of pythons, vipers, cobra, crocodiles.

Area about 30 m2. a butterfly park occupies a cylindrical shape, more than twenty varieties of butterflies support the living conditions in it. The rarest of them are presented at the diorama in the museum.

Fans of extreme sports are offered to hunt tigers and lions. Of course, this has nothing to do with their murder, the main weapon of tourists is the camera, with which they hunt the privacy of animals.

In Bannerghatt Park, you can take a walk through the Zoological Garden, watching its beauty. There are several water bodies that serve as a haven for many birds. The park has various types of trees, bushes, the local flora is very rich due to the temperate climate, which favorably affects their development.

Everyone can visit Bannerghatta Park throughout the year. Each season, the park is provided in a new guise of a real tropical paradise.

Bannerghatta - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 12.800833
Longitude: 77.575556


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