Rostov Kremlin

Rostov Kremlin - this is the name that has been assigned to the previous residence of the Metropolitan of the Rostov Diocese. As conceived by Metropolitan Jonah Sysoevich, a residence with white walls and a pond was to be identified with a biblical paradise.

Rostov Kremlin

The Rostov Kremlin ( Metropolitan Hole ) was built as a defense structure in 1670-1683, but then Rostov does not need to be protected from anyone, so all protective elements are executed in a simplified form. In the fortification there is too big a gate, there are no loopholes on the lower tier, there are windows with cash on the upper tier. But still, the Kremlin was built in the traditions of the Russian defense architecture of the Dopetrovsk era. In 1787, the bishop's pulpit was transferred to Yaroslavl, and then the Rostov Metropolis court became unnecessary and the complex began to collapse. No services were held in temples, warehouses were arranged in auxiliary buildings. It got to the point that the bishops decided to sell the whole yard under the scrapping, but the Rostov merchants bought and restored the entire complex in 1860-1880.

In 1883, the Rostov Museum of Church Antiquities was opened in the White Chamber, and in 1886 the Rostov Kremlin was taken by Nikolai II, the future king of the Russian Empire, under the auspices of the patronage. In 1910, the architectural complex became a museum and received funding for maintenance. A lot of buildings in the Kremlin were damaged during the death in 1953, and later they were restored. In 2010, the Rostov Kremlin wanted to transfer the Russian Orthodox Church, and museum exhibits to another building, but due to mass protests, this idea had to be abandoned.

Rostov Kremlin

By the way, it was here that the episodes of "old Moscow" were shot for many of the favorite film "Ivan Vasilievich is changing his profession".

The architectural complex includes: Assumption Cathedral, White Chamber, Holy Gate, Judgment, belfry, Samuilov building, Red Chamber. There are also many churches: the Church of Odigitria, the super-variable Church of the Resurrection, the Church of St. John the Evangelist, the Church of the Savior of the Unman-More, the Church of Gregory the Theologian.

Rostov Kremlin Rostov Kremlin Rostov Kremlin Rostov Kremlin Rostov Kremlin Rostov Kremlin
Rostov Kremlin - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 57.185833
Longitude: 39.42


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