Marfino, a former noble manor near Moscow, is known for its unusual Gothic architecture. Nowadays, the Marfinsky sanatorium, owned by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, is located here.


The first mention of the estate dates back to 1585, when these lands belonged to the barins, then to the deacists. In 1698, Prince Golitsyn Boris Alekseevich bought the estate of Marfino and gave a new name - Bogorodskoye. Soon he erected the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin, and already in 1728 his son gained so many debts that he was forced to sell the entire estate. The next owner of Saltykov, Peter Semenovich, who later became a feldmarshal in the future, erected a large stone palace with psaras, gazebos for relaxation, a summer theater, a horse yard and even a greenhouse where fruits were grown. Then he played his wedding, and every summer he called Moscow to know the performances of artists in his theater and the dog hunt.

After the death of the Field Marshal, the estate of Marfino was empty, and during the Patriotic War, French troops also plundered it. In 1813, the last of the Saltykov counties died and the manor passed to his sister Orlova Anna, who transferred the estate to beetroot. Soon, a forge, a carpentry and even a small brick factory were built in Marfino. Subsequent owners rebuilt the palace, the parking area. Construction work was completed by 1846, when the estate was owned by Viktor Panin. After the October Revolution, the Manor of Marfino, like most bar estates, was nationalized and in subsequent years all the valuables were taken out of it to the Historical Museum. In 1944, a military hospital was placed here, and later a military sanatorium was equipped on the lands of Marfino.


The basis of the estate is a two-story palace, standing on a hill. Below is a large pond with a fountain and a pier. A ceremonial staircase leads to it, and there are arbors, a bridge, the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin around it. Near the palace there is a psar, decorated with eight-column porticks, a horse yard and a carriage shed are in a dilapidated state. Their facade is decorated with decor, as is the main building. On the territory of the estate of Marfino, scenes were shot for such famous films as: "His among strangers, a stranger among their own," "Woman who sings," Master and Margarita, "Poison, or the World History of Poisoning" and others.

Marfino Marfino Marfino Marfino Marfino Marfino
Marfino - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 56.08
Longitude: 37.563


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