Anapa Dolphinarium

Just 18 kilometers from Anapa in the village of Bolshaya Utrish in 1992, an amazing Anap dolphinarium opened in the lagoon of the Black Sea.

Anapa Dolphinarium

Volers with dolphins are located, right on the high seas, there are performances, during which dolphins perform various tricks. This arrangement of aviaries positively affects the state of dolphins, because they practically live in a natural habitat. But there is a negative side - with a decrease in temperatures with dolphins it becomes difficult to work, so the Anapa dolphinarium holds show performances from May 15 to October 15. At this time, a show with marine animals takes place 3 times a day, and viewers can watch everything from the rostrum by the sea.

In addition to dolphins, here you can see the northern sea lions, beluga whales, nerds, dolphins-alafins, various fur seals. For a fee, you can take a course of dolphin therapy, which is an unconventional form of treatment of psychological diseases and for the rehabilitation of patients with neurosis, depression, memory disorders, stuttering, early childhood autism, etc. This type of therapy is based on the benevolent attitude of these animals towards people and on their ability to create ultrasonic waves that have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. You can also ride a boat that dolphins will move.

Anapa Dolphinarium

In addition to dolphins, you can admire the mountains of the Caucasus, the waters of the Black Sea, unique forests with a juniper in the Big Utrish reserve adjacent to the dolphinarium. Nearby, sappsans, black gifs, eagles nest, and over 80 species of birds arrive here for wintering, among which a rare swan is a chipun.

There are still many interesting attractions near Anapa, such as: Tiso-samshite grove, Anapa Archaeological Museum-Reserve, Sochi National Park with its unique waterfalls, forests, mountains.

Anapa Dolphinarium Anapa Dolphinarium Anapa Dolphinarium Anapa Dolphinarium Anapa Dolphinarium Anapa Dolphinarium
Anapa Dolphinarium - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 44.760278
Longitude: 37.387222


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