An amazing open-air museum called Ataman opened on the Taman Peninsula in 2009. Here, on an area of 60 hectares, ethnic buildings from all over the Krasnodar Territory are collected.


The museum has collected exhibits showing the life of the Cossacks in the 18-20th century. There are so many exhibits in Atamani that even a cursory inspection will take several hours. In the museum complex, from the hut formed the Cossack capital with several streets. Among the buildings you can see the houses of simple Cossacks, shoemakers, potters, atamans, old-age and even have a house of barber. There is even a real hut on chicken legs with household items of Baba Yaga. All houses in the museum are assigned to the regions of the Krasnodar Territory, which monitor their proper condition and repair if necessary.

The life of people in the 18th century was far from ours. Only wealthy peasants and atamans could afford houses of logs. Ordinary Cossacks collected a frame of the house from the millstones and brushwood, the walls on both sides were coated with clay with crushed straw. If the ceiling was based on funds, made from small logs or boards, and if there was no possibility, then the walls were made of vents and clay. The roof was laid out of reeds and straw. At the same time, straw was poured with liquid clay. The floors from the boards could only afford wealthy families, while the rest chilled on the earthen floor, with smeared cow dung. There was a stove in the house, which was drowned only in winter, in summer they used summer cuisine, in which various dry vegetation and a pussy were burned for cooking.


Land in the Ataman Museum price is archaeologically, so you can’t dig it and the wells with basements have only an aboveground part. Having visited the Ataman Museum, you can see in what conditions they lived in Cossack villages from the 18th to the 20th centuries, as well as the period after the Second World War when the entire infrastructure of the southern USSR was destroyed.

Atamani occasionally holds various holidays for adults and children. If you wish, you can try yourself as a potter or blacksmith, learn in the old school, taste dishes in tavern or tavern.

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Ataman - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 45.22
Longitude: 36.695


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