Cancun Underwater Museum

In the middle of the Caribbean, in the city of Cancun, there is an unusual museum, the exhibits of which are completely absorbed by sea water. This huge underwater museum has about 400 sculptures. Its figures are located at a depth of approximately 10 meters. The museum is relatively young, it was opened in 2009 with the aim of distracting millions of tourists from coral reefs, which are a attraction of the tourist city of Cancun in Mexico.

Cancun Underwater Museum

The author of such an unusual museum is Jason Taylor, who is a talented artist from Britain. This work of art is a real masterpiece that complements the natural wealth of the area. Concrete sculptures are placed in shallow water so that it would not be difficult for all visitors to the museum to get to them.

The main exposition of the underwater museum in Cancun

The main exposition of the underwater museum in Cancun is called « Quiet evolution ». Here is represented by mankind from the most ancient times to the present day. The variety of faces, sculptures of the underwater world, achieved thanks to gypsum casts that are made with ordinary people. All the work of the museum is presented in full growth and is made with environmental material that maintains an acid-base balance.

Cancun Underwater Museum

The sculptor of the underwater museum in Cancun is also its direct artistic director, who, together with his team, is doing a difficult job of establishing these heavy exhibits. Each sculpture, before immersed in water, is installed on a special platform that weighs close to two tons. Such a procedure is carried out so that the figures hold well and do not roll over in the water.

The museum guests managed to love several exhibits, among them the charming Gardener of hope, which is a girl watering flowers, who lay down on her steps.

Also attracts an exposition called the Collector of Lost Hopes, which is the figure of a man guarding human desires hidden in bottles.

The underwater museum in Mexico will certainly give a lot of emotions, but for the walk to be a joy, you need to acquire additional equipment with which it is easy to dive under water. After the short instructions of the instructor, wonderful exhibits open before tourists, which already managed to merge into one with the local corals and algae.

Some facts about the Cancun Underwater Museum

A collection of underwater sculptures was created over a year and a half. According to experts, about 200 tons of cement mixture were spent on it. The exact amount of money that was invested in the museum is not publicly disclosed, but, approximately, it is 350 thousand dollars, some of which the state allocated. Jason Taylor is a good scuba diver and spent at least 120 hours under water when installing exhibits. The grounds on which the sculptures weigh at least 2 tons. It is worth considering that the underwater world in the form of currents, algae, coral and fish continuously affects the sculptures and they may look different than in the photo.

Museum tours

The Cancun Underwater Museum – is an extraordinary sight, and if you have the opportunity to visit it, then do not miss it. The price of visiting the museum starts at $ 50 and depends on the way you dive under water. This is primarily a scuba dive, which allows you to slowly see all the figures and immersion with flippers and a mask for scuba diving. It is also possible to explore the museum with a pleasure boat, which has large underwater portholes and a glass bottom. It is worth considering that from the side of the boat due to the refraction of sunlight, the underwater figures of the museum will look different. It is also possible to explore the museum from a boat that has large underwater portholes.

Cancun Underwater Museum Cancun Underwater Museum Cancun Underwater Museum Cancun Underwater Museum Cancun Underwater Museum Cancun Underwater Museum
Cancun Underwater Museum - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 21.200887
Longitude: -86.7258


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