Brief description of the country

Mexico is a country in North America covering an area of almost 2 million square kilometers. Here you can see the tropical jungle and the desert with cacti, visit historical sites, swim in the Caribbean Sea and relax on the beach.

The sun always shines in Mexico. The best time to visit the country is from November to May. Favorable weather sets in after the rainy season. You need to pay attention to the fact that it is cool in the evenings in winter, so you should take a sweater on a trip.

Warm clothes will be useful for those who are going to the mountains. You will also need durable and at the same time comfortable shoes. It is convenient to walk along the ancient ruins and pavements. Heat is easier to bear in clothing made from natural materials. There are many street musicians in Mexico. The locals are friendly towards travelers. They love to have fun. There are often holidays in the country. The bullfight starts in December. Bullfights continue until March.

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