In Greece, on the island of Kefalinia, there is a stunningly beautiful cave lake Melissani. The rays falling from above, refracting in water, illuminate the cave in a azure color, which together gives it mythicality with transparent water.


Melissani Cave formed about 20 thousand years ago, and 4000 years ago, a dome collapsed in her, covering a hidden underground lake. According to legend, nymphs live in the lake, and it was used by religious rituals. This is also evidenced by the findings: a small figure of the god Pan - the patron saint of shepherds and forests, a disc with dancing nymphs depicted on it. All the relics found are in the museum of the main city of the island - Argostoli. For unknown reasons, in ancient times, only 1951 was completely forgotten and reopened. After completing research, caves, in 1963 it was opened for tourists.

Melissani Lake is located in a cave measuring 40 by 160 meters, the depth of the lake is 10-30 meters and the water is so clean that the bottom of Lake Melissani is visible anywhere. The water has an interesting feature - it is brackish here. Salt water comes here from a depth through karst canals, one of these canals sucks salt water near the city of Argostoli 13 km from the lake. This unique natural phenomenon was called "catavotres", its essence lies in the fact that water is absorbed into a crevice below sea level and passing 15 km underground in Sami Bay and Lake Melissani. To find out, geologists lowered 160 kg of paint into the crevice and looked for places where it would prove itself. The cunning Greeks in this place put a water mill, which is set in motion by the intake water.


For the convenience of visiting the lake, a tunnel was struck here, at the end of which a pier for pleasure boats was built. Having scored a group of tourists, boaters take them forward to vivid impressions of the beauties of Lake Melissani. Around you can see stalactites and stalagmites, through the thickness of the water you can see the bottom, and the water changes its hue depending on the time of day.

Melissani Melissani Melissani Melissani Melissani Melissani
Melissani - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 38.257
Longitude: 20.6236


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