Juliet's Tomb

Juliet's tomb is located far from the main monuments in the center of Verona. It is located in the vaults of the Abbey of San Francesco. According to William Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet are buried here. A visit to the attraction is not included in general excursions in Verona, but only in special Romeo and Juliet tours.

Juliet's Tomb

Great work

Shortly after Shakespeare wrote the love story, a real sarcophagus for lovers was installed in the courtyard of the monastery. Over time, the whole world learned about Juliet's Tomb. The lid of the sarcophagus and the remains inside were taken to a secret location by the Venetian government because they did not want people who died voluntarily to attract too much public attention.

Without a lid, a completely empty sarcophagus was indicated as the burial place of the beautiful Juliet at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Despite this, literature fans still came to the monastery to glorify the loving couple. Even celebrities such as Marie-Louise of Austria, Napoleon's wife, came to Juliet's Tomb. After the visit, she had jewelry made from fragments of an empty sarcophagus.

Juliet's Tomb

Movie scene

Juliet's Tomb in its modern form dates only to 1937. While in Verona, the Metro Goldwin Mayer film company was looking for the perfect backdrop for their colossal new film, Romeo and Juliet. The film was not recorded in Verona, but the incredible success it enjoyed allowed director Avena to imagine an inevitable stream of tourists to Verona in search of the places depicted in the film. The final scene took place not in the monastery, but in the crypt: probably inspired by the choice of cinema, the museum director decided to give the sarcophagus a more impressive film-like backdrop.

Bonds of love

Today, Juliet's Tomb is a place where weddings are celebrated: many couples come, especially from abroad, to perpetuate their dream of love in the place where Romeo and Juliet saw their hopes dashed. The story of two lovers is known all over the world; it will not leave anyone indifferent.

And here, in the place illuminated by tall Gothic windows, where Juliet's Tomb awaits romantic tributes from visitors, a special tradition arose: the habit of addressing messages of love to "Juliet". A whole squad of secretaries collects these messages and answers them, because the story of Juliet is a legend, and the pangs of love that have gripped men and women from all continents are reality.

Juliet's Tomb Juliet's Tomb Juliet's Tomb Juliet's Tomb Juliet's Tomb Juliet's Tomb
Juliet's Tomb - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 45.4338
Longitude: 10.9979


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