East Tsavo National Park

East Tsavo is one of Kenya's largest and oldest national parks. The Tsavo River flows through the park, hence the name of the park. Together with West Tsavo Park, this huge reserve spread over an area of 11,747 km2, which is 4% of the country's territory. East Tsavo was founded in 1948 between the city of Nairobi and the coast of the Indian window.

East Tsavo National Park

The main landscapes of the park are grass savannahs with large thickets of shrubs, near the river the terrain is sometimes bogged down. The uniqueness of the landscapes is given to the Yatta plateau, which was formed under the influence of frozen lava flows from the volcano Ol Doinio Sabuk. The Ati River, off the coast of which high palm trees grow, is very impressive, the sun of crocodiles is hiding in their shadow. Downstream, water falls into the gorge, forming the Lugard waterfalls.

Although the East Tsavo Nature Reserve is huge in its own way, it is possible to freely walk in it only on the fenced area, most of the park is given to the inhabitants of the wild savannah. The flora of the park is very rich. Here they found protection for themselves: lions, cheetahs, leopards, zebras, giraffes, servals, ostriches, gazelles, antelopes, buffaloes, oryxes, gimples, kudu, kongoni. The territory of the park is home to more than five hundred species of birds, among which there are migratory and living here in October - January. Of the birds, it is worth noting: a kite, ibis, a bird - a rhino, a crane, a black kite, a palm neck.

East Tsavo National Park

When traveling around East Tsavo, you must visit the amazing cliff of Mudanda, 13 kilometers from the gates of Manyani. A watering hole is located near here, attracting many animals that travel many kilometers on the way here. Also, many animals and birds can be seen at the reservoir on the Voi River.

East Tsavo National Park East Tsavo National Park East Tsavo National Park East Tsavo National Park East Tsavo National Park East Tsavo National Park
East Tsavo National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -2.778842
Longitude: 38.771685


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