Charinsky Canyon

In Kazakhstan, 200 kilometers from Alma-Ata, there is an amazing beauty attraction of these places - Charynsky Canyon. With his relief, he resembles the Grand Canyon known to everyone, but in a reduced size.

Charinsky Canyon

The Charyn canyon stretched 154 kilometers along the channel of the Charyn River and formed more than 12 million years ago from sedimentary rocks. Nowadays, the height of the canyon reaches 300 meters in places, and the "Host Valley" with a length of 2 kilometers and a canyon width of 20-80 meters considers the most beautiful place. Of little interest is the Aktogay and Shurotgay Gorge. Amazing figures, towers, rocks formed by water and wind are scattered throughout the canyon. Once here you feel like a fabulous hero among centuries-old trees and stone walls.

In 2004, the Charynsky National Nature Park with an area of 1270 km was organized on the territory of the Charynsky Canyon2, where the yoke of the Sogdsky ash, which survived the ice age, feels safe. Another similar grove is available only in North America. In 1964, this grove was proclaimed a natural monument. Also of interest to scientists and tourists is the grove of the Asian poplar. A large abundance of landscapes hides a huge variety of flora and fauna. Here you can find up to 1,500 species of plants, 62 species of mammals and more than a hundred species of birds. From representatives of the animal world in the Charynsky Canyon, you can easily meet foxes, jeyrans, stone cunits, hares, ermines, and tushkans.

Charinsky Canyon

Tourism is very well developed in the Charynsky Canyon. A tourist can be fused on a river by canoe or boat, go fishing, take a walk through the vast expanses of the canyon. Hiking trails take place along the most beautiful and interesting places of the canyon.

Charinsky Canyon Charinsky Canyon Charinsky Canyon Charinsky Canyon Charinsky Canyon Charinsky Canyon
Charinsky Canyon - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.379101
Longitude: 79.123192
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