Forum of Trajan

Trajan's Forum is the largest trading bazaar built in Italy. It was built on the territory of Rome in honor of Trajan's victory over Dacia, this event went down in history. The entire trading floor was decorated with war trophies brought from the battlefield.

Forum of Trajan

Historical background

The very meaning of the word forum is significantly different from the modern understanding. In ancient times, this concept denoted a place of active urban trade. Literally translated, the forum means "market".

The Forum of Trajan was opened to everyone in 112 AD, however, construction on the square continued until 113 AD. This forum was the last among those built in Italy, but at the same time, the most luxurious and large-scale. The main purpose of the forum was not so much trade as the creation of a monument in honor of Trajan's victory over Dacia. Even today, many surviving war trophies can be seen on the market square.

Forum of Trajan

Description of Trajan's Forum

The size of the forum is really impressive for those times. Its area is 300 by 175 meters, while the height of the constructed columns reaches 40 meters. Not only trade was unfolding on the square, but also the announcement of new laws and other important city events.

In the center of the forum, Trajan's Column was installed, which was not originally there when it was opened. The column was erected only by the year 113. All the most important events of those years were displayed on the column. Initially, the trading square housed such buildings as the Imperial Library of Trajan, the Basilica of Ulpia, made of white marble, as well as the Temple of Troyan, the market and the column, which was already mentioned above. The whole forum was a huge colonnade with a roof and seats. Naturally, there were no majestic decorations. For example, the entrance in the form of an arch next to which was located an incredible statue of a chariot harnessed by six horses.

Today, the former greatness of Trajan's Forum can only be seen in the drawings. Unfortunately, when you come to the square today, you can only see the column. Although it inspires a certain delight, but still, in complete solitude, the column is not able to recreate the entire scale of the ancient building. In addition to the column in museums, you can see some fragments of buildings, columns and statues.

How to get to Trajan's Forum

The path to Trajan's Forum is quite simple, because it is located in the central area of the capital. Exploring the historic district of Rome, you will definitely be able to get to the Forum, for this an ordinary tourist map is enough. You can find the Forum near Piazza Venezia.

It is recommended to explore the historical sights on foot, but the Troyan Forum can also be reached by public transport. The desired station is located on the blue metro line and is called Cavour. Keep in mind that the path from the metro station to the historical site is about 800 meters. Such a gap can be easily overcome in 10 minutes. At the same time, there will definitely be something to see along the way.

Forum of Trajan Forum of Trajan Forum of Trajan Forum of Trajan Forum of Trajan Forum of Trajan
Forum of Trajan - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 41.895417
Longitude: 12.485869


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