Massandra Palace

Massandra Palace is one of the most famous attractions of Crimea, which has become the place of filming films such as: Hearts of Three, Crazy Day or Figaro's marriage, Filled Island.

Massandra Palace

Massandra used to belong to different people, from merchants to princes, and only Prince Vorontsov decided to build a palace in this place. The Massandra Palace began to be erected in 1881 under the leadership of the French architect Etienne Bushar. But when the construction was nearing its end, the architect suddenly died, and later in 1882 the prince himself. So the construction froze for 10 years. In 1889, the Unit Office for Emperor Alexander III was bought for the long-lasting. Maximilian Mesmacher was entrusted with the building, who added the changing palace to the building beyond recognition. In 1902, the palace was ready. After Alexander III, the palace was the property of Nicholas II, but none of the royal individuals had ever stayed overnight in the palace.

After the revolution, the palace arranged a health resort for tuberculosis patients. After World War II, the Magarach Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking was located here for some time". Since 1948, the Massandra Palace has become a state cottage in which USSR leaders loved to spend time on vacation. Since 1992, the Massandra Palace has become a museum.

Massandra Palace

Massandra Palace is made in various architectural styles. The northern part of the facade is made in a classic style, but on the opposite side - the southern one, elements of the Neuritian style are clearly visible. Smoke houses rise like minarets, and the main entrance is guarded by two sculptures of lions made by a sculptor from Italy, Giovani Bonnani. Everything was thought out in the palace, there was even a separate electric generator, and water came from a sacred spring that beat from under the temple of John the Baptist. The temple was near the palace, but it was destroyed by the 1927 earthquake, and later completely dismantled, leaving only the altar from which the spring was beaten.

Massandra Palace Massandra Palace Massandra Palace Massandra Palace Massandra Palace Massandra Palace
Massandra Palace - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 44.517222
Longitude: 34.202778


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