Kairaku-en Garden

Kairaku-en is a Japanese park in Japan in the town of Mito. Translated from Japanese, the name of the park sounds like a "park for shared enjoyment". This garden was set up in 1841 for itself and its guests Tokugawa Nariaki. During World War II, the garden was almost destroyed by bombers, but was restored in 1958.

Kairaku-en Garden

Kairaku-en Garden is one of the 3 most famous and beautiful parks in Japan, along with Koraku-en and Canroku-en. Tokugawa loved plums very much, because there is a large grove with plums in the garden. It’s best to visit the grove in February-March, when plums show their flowers. In general, the Kairaku-en Garden has about a hundred species of trees that drive the imagination of the garden guests with their flowering. From February 20 to March 31, the Mito Ume Matsuri holiday is held, during which guests are held tea ceremonies, played on the harp, and sing folk songs.

The main idea of the Kairaku-en garden is the reproduction of Chinese and Japanese landscapes, in the form of ponds, boulders, plants, making artificial embankments. Similarly, you can take a walk past Mount Fujiama, West Lake, Kiyomizu-dera Temple. The park is beautiful during the autumn leaf fall in November.

Kairaku-en Garden

You can visit the Kairaku-en garden for free, you will only have to pay for visiting the Kobuntay House, in which the owners of the garden used to rest. In addition to plum grove, the garden has a grove with cedars and bamboo.

Kairaku-en Garden Kairaku-en Garden Kairaku-en Garden Kairaku-en Garden Kairaku-en Garden Kairaku-en Garden
Kairaku-en Garden - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 36.373056
Longitude: 140.456111


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