Kuta is a district in the southern part of the Indonesian island of Bali, it is part of the Badung district, located on the Indian Ocean coast southwest of Denpasar. In society it is called the center of surfing. Here are the longest beaches with white fine sand and an international airport nearby.


History of Kuta

The appearance of a small fishing village went completely unnoticed. But later the place was recognized as unsafe for life; people claimed that evil spirits lived here, magicians and sorcerers lived. True, no one saw the spirits, but everyone talked about it.

The situation changed in the 60s of the last century, when the relatively uninhabited place attracted hippies. The long-haired young people liked the heavenly conditions and warm waters, as well as the absence of police and other guardians of order. Following the “flower children,” sellers of alcohol, weed, and venal love flocked to the coast. They were able to cope with the hippies only at the end of the twentieth century, when the brothels were closed, and the followers of universal love were asked to look for quieter lands.


Description of Kuta

Today Kuta is one of the most popular resorts in Bali; young people in the prime of their lives prefer to visit it. The bulk of the developments are budget hotels and guest houses, intended more for short stays between entertainment events than for a comfortable leisurely holiday. The rest of the buildings are occupied by the same inexpensive bars, nightclubs, discos, cafes and restaurants that operate 24/7.

What to do

In the early 70s, surfers from Australia visited Kuta and began to actively spread information about the beautiful waves near the island. In fact, there are no strong waves here. There is a stereotype that it is simply impossible to leave Kuta without standing on a surfboard. Training services are offered by specialized companies, equipment stores and even beach lifeguards. You can rent equipment from rescuers, but you shouldn’t expect high quality from it.

The second most popular way to spend time in Kuta is massage sessions offered on the beach, in hotels, and in reputable offices. The first option should be treated with extreme skepticism: local ladies consider the session a good way to make money at the expense of a tourist, and the final price can be several times higher than the one announced at the beginning.

Beach holidays are becoming the third most important way to spend your vacation days. But it should be borne in mind that the beach is not clean. This is not due to the reluctance of local authorities to maintain order, but to the number of vacationers. The local water park will also greet tourists with crowds. Kuta is also a place of pilgrimage for shopaholics: most local shops and huge shopping centers are open until 21:00; at night, several clothing markets open at once with quite decent quality of goods and affordable prices.

Night-time entertainment also attracts tourists: clubs and discos operate in Kuta almost around the clock; you can spend the night in your favorite club or organize a small survival marathon. It will not be possible to walk alone around the city and in the surrounding area, enjoying nature, so those who like a relaxing holiday are better off looking for another resort.

Kuta Kuta Kuta Kuta Kuta
Kuta - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -8.680278
Longitude: 115.167222


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