Mikenas – is an old Greek city where King Agamemnon was born, which became famous in a campaign to Troy. The fortress of this ruler in the city of Mikena can rightfully be called a legendary object. The find of the Agamemnon fortress belongs to the German archaeologist Heinrich Shlimane, who discovered it in 1874.


This, of course, was the most magnificent discovery of that time. The archaeologist managed to dig out the oldest historically important things, which include incredibly expensive gold products. Burial was also discovered here, which is confirmed by Gomer and eschilovsky works. It is from their scriptures that we become aware of the tragic events in Miken Castle, which date back to 1550 – 1200 BC.

As you know, from historical works, there was a curse over the Atrid clan, which was accompanied by a number of murders. Thus, King Agamemnon died at the hands of his own wife with her lover, but the son of King Orest ended the tragic ring, killing his mother – the murderer of Agamemnon.


For a long time, Erinia was watching Orest, but the goddess Athena took everything into her own hands, asking him for forgiveness and removing the family curse.

The Miken fortress is presented in the form of a historical object, which consists of huge walls, the material for which was large stone blocks, about six meters thick. The name of such walls is known as « cyclopic », since the Greeks were sure that such a structure was only valid for fairy creatures, not excluding cyclops. You can get into the territory of the fortress only by passing through the Lion's gate, which are the direct decoration of the entire castle. An archaeologist on the territory of the fortress also found burials, which acquired the name Pogrebal Circle. When opening another grave, Shliman was lucky to find a gold mask, seeing which, he thought that this was Agamemnon himself. But with a detailed study of the tomb, it was found that this burial took place long before the Trojan War, which was led by King Agamemnon. For about 400 meters, Mogil Agamemnon herself was discovered, which behind its design resembles a hive. It was in such structures that the most recent kings of Mikena were buried. This find, of course, is of great value for the entire Miken culture. Outside the fortress walls, in the territory where the houses of ordinary residents were located, the burial of Egist and Klitemnestra, who killed the king, was found.

Only the kings could live within the walls of the Miken fortress, but outside it, a little lower, there was a town where ordinary people settled. They were engaged in trade mainly in olive oil and wine, as evidenced by the discovered tablets, which describe whole recipes for flavoring spices of olive oil. A fairly large number of different dishes from clay were found here, in the appearance of which, we can conclude that there are large trade relations between the inhabitants of Miken. All the finds give the right to admit that the oldest Greek settlements had a fairly large level of culture. Judging by the discovered and decrypted inscriptions, we can say that not only the royal scribes owned the writing skills. Perhaps the environment of the royal fortress was the prosperous and civilized city of Mikena.

Mycenae Mycenae Mycenae Mycenae Mycenae Mycenae
Mycenae - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 37.730556
Longitude: 22.756111


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