Parfenon – is an ancient Greek temple located on the Athens Acropolis. This sacred building was erected in honor of the patroness of Athens – the goddess of Athens-Drive. The date of construction is the period between 447-431 BC. To date, work is underway to restore it.


During the raids of the Persians in the place of Acropolis, more than one temple was destroyed, no exception is the one that stood in the place of Parthenon, destroyed back in 480 BC.

When the Romans entered Athens, they actively began to rob Parthenon, and to export sculptures outside the country. The Parthenon was transformed into the temple of Hagia Sophia, when Emperor Justinian ruled the country. It was he who ordered all the temples to be converted into Christian ones. The fourth crusade replaced Parthenon with a Catholic temple.


When Athens was in the power of the Turkish government, the cathedral was very damaged. Then a powder warehouse was equipped here and during the attack, a shell that hit the cathedral turned it into ruins.

The base of the Parthenon is laid out of stone and is 31x70 m, its columns rise almost 10 m in height. The temple is a doric perimeter with a rectangular sanctuary. When building the temple, a derogation from some generally accepted rules was carried out, which gave it a solemn appearance and ease. Such a deviation is the neglect of the conditions for building the number of columns. The architects tilted them slightly inside the building than they achieved the optical effect, while the side columns were erected a little larger than the rest.

Parthenon's components are the ( foreword ), the opistod ( patroness ), cell. In the middle of the sanctuary, a large sculpture was built to honor the goddess Athena, 12 meters high. Part of the material with which it is made is gold and ivory.

The main entrance of the building is directed to the east side, where the sculpture of Athens generously bathed in the sun. As historical literature testifies, it took 1,500 kg of gold to build the statue. When the sculpture was taken to Byzantium, there it collapsed in a fire.

The main decoration of Parthenon was its sculptural design, where fragments of significant myths were inflicted, the main character of which was the goddess Athena. Here, close to 500 different figures are presented, and two identical ones are not found. The real masterpiece of the art of classics is the 160 meter frieze.

Even Parfen's spillway has an unusual appearance, the decoration of which is various ornaments in the form of a lion's head. All the sculptures of the temple had a beautiful color and gilded elements. The real decoration of the walls of Parfen inside was paintings, the authors of which were famous artists of that time.

Currently, Greek restorers have set themselves the goal of returning to Parthenon the species in which he was still in antiquity. For these purposes, even marble is taken from those quarries that it took then.

Parthenon Parthenon Parthenon Parthenon Parthenon Parthenon
Parthenon - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 37.971389
Longitude: 23.726667


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