The city of Delphi – is a historical attraction of Greece, because it is here that the ruins of the oldest cultural monuments are located. It is located among the picturesque highlands, at the foot of the Parnas mountain. The city of Delpha has long lured both travelers and archaeologists. The ruins of the local structures belong to the Miken period.


This ancient Greek city has many different myths, beyond which the Delphi are considered the center of the entire Universe or as they call it – « Earth's navel ». One of the legends says that it was here that the clash of two eagles that Zeus launched from around the world took place. They collided, piercing each other with sharp beaks, and their meeting place was called Delphi. This city was considered a holy place for all residents of this country.

The oldest Greek city in our time – is an open-air museum that attracts many tourists, both with a unique history and indescribable natural landscapes. This area often suffers from earthquakes, which are the cause of the destruction of part of the structures.


The main building of the city of Delphi is the Temple of Apollo, which belongs to the VI – IV centuries BC. He was excavated by archaeologists in 1892. The most important attraction of the temple, which glorified it, is the Delphic oracle, which is known as the « diviner ». The sanctuary of this temple – is the most famous and majestic sacred place of the entire Ancient Ellada.

Directly opposite the Temple of Uppolon, the most important altar is located, which has been fairly well preserved until our time. Its material is black marble. Another rather interesting building is located very close, which holds seven columns on which the inscription that it was erected in honor of the victory over the Persian conquerors, approximately, in the fifth century BC.

The treasury of the Athenians, which was built here in the first half of the fifth century BC, is very attractive to travelers. She was timed by the great victory of the Athenian inhabitants in the Battle of Samalina. Various military trophies, as well as other equipment, are saved in the treasury. It has the appearance of a small building, the material for which was marble. An interesting enough decoration of the treasury, because the main decorations are reliefs with scenes of exploits of Herakl and Theseus. Also on the walls of the building there are texts, among which you can find the hymns of Appolon. The patron is the oldest architecture that has best been preserved in Delphi, which gave the right to restore it to its original appearance.

The stadium looks very exciting, built in the 6th century BC. Its capacity is approximately 6,000 people.

There is an ancient theater nearby, the audience of which was clearly visible to the temple of Uppolon, as well as the lower valley. It was designed for somewhere for 5,000 guests. The ancient city of Delphi also includes a sacred source that simply hits with a key. The ministers, as well as the priests of the local temple, previously went to wash themselves to the Castle spring.

Another important building of Delpha is called Tolos. It is a hallmark of an ancient city and has the appearance of a circular construction, which holds many columns. This architecture is made from different breeds of limestone, as well as marble. The decoration of the roof itself was the sculpture of dancing women. But, unfortunately, this building has been very poorly preserved.

In 1902, a museum was built on the territory of the city of Delphi, where a collection of ancient artifacts that deserve special attention is presented.

The city of Delphi is located 180 km from the capital. Several bus flights run here every day, and information on sightseeing routes is provided in any directory of the country. In this ancient place you can make a one-day tour, and stay for several days, because many cozy hotels, cafes, restaurants are provided for tourists.

Delphi Delphi Delphi Delphi Delphi Delphi
Delphi - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 38.483333
Longitude: 22.5


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