Verona Arena

The city of Verona is famous for its cultural monuments, among which, of course, one of the central places is occupied by the famous Verona Arena. This is the largest open theater, which was built in the 30th year of our era. This place is almost the most popular tourist destination in all of Italy.

Verona Arena

History of the Amphitheater

The amphitheater was built at the turn of the first century AD by Emperor Augustus. The main purpose of such arenas at that time is to conduct gladiatorial fights, as well as various circus performances. In 1117, a major earthquake occurred, which caused great destruction to the theater. However, this did not interfere in the 17-19th centuries. To organize knightly tournaments, performances in the theater, as well as in the Middle Ages reprisals against heretics. Since the beginning of the 20th century, opera performances began to be held in the theater, at which masters of that time performed.

The Verona Arena building was built outside the city and consisted of 4 elliptical rings, 2 internal for 44.5 and 73.5 meters and 2 outer rings of 109.5 and 139 meters. The last ring was destroyed by an earthquake of 1117. The facade of the amphitheater is made of bricks and lined stones. The theater was designed for more than 30,000 thousand spectators, and places for spectators were made in the Greek style in 44 tiers.

Verona Arena

Verona Arena in our time

Now the theater is known for various opera performances, as well as concerts that are held in it. Officially, it is recognized as the largest opera theater in the world. The building is famous for its amazing acoustics, for this reason annual opera festivals are held here, among which the famous opera production of Zenatello « Aida ». Every year, all summer, various productions are held here, where stars from all over the world perform.

Arena is the venue for world stars: at different times, concerts were given by Luciano Pavarotti, Giuseppe di Stefano, Vladimir Atlantov, Maria Callas and many other celebrities. In 2012, the largest concert event of the whole of Italy – Adriano Celentano concert took place here. This concert was attended by more than thirty thousand people, and tickets were sold in minutes. Many tourists come to Italy for the sake of a grand event - a festival in Verona Arena. The festival gathers many people from all over the world who listen and admire various productions in the largest theater under the open sky.

It should be said that Verona Arena is the pearl of the city of Verona. It is thanks to this theater that millions of people gather every year in this small city of Italy. The arena, indeed, fascinates, here a person is truly immersed in an atmosphere of fun, and also enjoys world theater performances.

Verona Arena Verona Arena Verona Arena Verona Arena Verona Arena Verona Arena
Verona Arena - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 45.438889
Longitude: 10.994444


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