Vanoise National Park

Vanoise is a French national park created by one of the first in the country. The main reason for creating the park is the possible destruction of mountain goats in the area. The park is divided into 2 zones: the central area of 528 km2 and periphery - 1450 km2.

Vanoise National Park

There are many amazing mountains in the Vanuatu National Park with a height of more than 2500 meters, from which wonderful views of the surroundings are found. Of particular note is the Grand Cos Mountain ( 2852 m ) and Mont-Puri 2852 meters high. Peripheral territory is available for people, there are ski resorts, among which Meribel. A powerful impetus for the development of tourism in this region was given by Colonel Peter Lindsay, who was looking for possible places for a winter holiday. He set the task of finding a place that would be independently of Austria and Germany, in which, due to the aggravation of Nazism, it became dangerous to rest. In 1936, the colonel visited the city of Les Allues and he liked it very much. Soon he developed a plan for the construction of a ski resort here. In 1938, the 1st funicular was launched, the construction of the first hotels began next year, but the formation of the ski region slowed down the outbreak of war with Germany and was restored only after the war.

In the Vanuatu National Park, you can find many alpine flowers that bloom in the plains and in the mountains. In total, there are more than a thousand plants in the park, among them are especially protected: alpine aquilagia, osoka, alpine bells, stonebreakers, primrose, and edelweiss and bitterness became symbols of the park.

Vanoise National Park

About 5,000 sernes live in the park of Vanuatu, and there are also many birds with one stone, groundhogs, and flights among the mountains. foxes, badgers, affection, marten, and groundholes. The ornithofauna of the park has 125 representatives of the birds, including: black grouse, ripples, green woodpeckers, ceddles,birds, snow cocks, alpine ghuts, owls, flytraps. At high altitudes, you can meet tundra partridges, and golden eagles nest on inaccessible cliffs. Hundreds of insect varieties have been found in Vanuatu, and in meadows among flowers hides by unintentionally wonderful butterflies such as Vanessa or large Apollo.

More than 2000 thousand stone goats are hiding in Vanuatu among the mountains, and to notice them is happy only when they leave the mountains. These animals were widespread, but after the invention of the guns they were almost completely destroyed, there were no more than 100 individuals hiding in the Gran Paradiso mountains in Italy, since they were banned from hunting them in 1823, and in 1856 they founded the royal reserve. In 1922, it was expanded and declared the Gran Paradiso National Park. Both national parks are adjacent to each other.

Vanoise National Park Vanoise National Park Vanoise National Park Vanoise National Park Vanoise National Park Vanoise National Park
Vanoise National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 45.333333
Longitude: 6.833333


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