Hluboká Castle

Hluboká Castle is a beauty-fasculous castle located near the town of Gluboka nad Vltava near the Czech capital. Known for its unusual pseudo-gothic architecture.

Hluboká Castle

Glubok Castle was built on a rock above the Vltava River by order of the Czech king in the 13th century. Initially, the castle had the name Frauenberg, and the very first notes about the already built castle date back to 1285, when they were owned by the Vitkovich dynasty. Then it was repeatedly rebuilt, adding either baroque or Renaissance outlines. All this is due to the fact that each owner of the castle of Glubok wanted to contribute something of his own, and already 26 people changed them in the 13-17th century. Everything changed when the castle passed into the possession of the Schwarzenberg clan, it was with them that the current appearance of the castle was connected. In the 19th century, the castle underwent a large-scale reconstruction, which gave it features of neo-Gothic. The Windsor Castle became an example for the architect Frantisek Bera. The idea of creating the "Czech Windsor" belonged to the Duchess Eleonor Schwarzenberg. This dynasty owned the castle until 1945, until it was nationalized by the Czech government. Now Glubok Castle is a state museum.

If you walk around the castle, you can count 140 rooms, 2 courtyards, an amazing greenhouse, 11 towers and a stable in it. The interior of the castle is decorated with trophies from the hunting of its owners, and trophies are even on the outer walls of the castle. The knightly armor that the guards themselves used to wear will also be of interest. The presented furniture dates back to the 18-19th century, and the paintings were made by Dutch painters back in the 16th century. In addition, there are ancient tapestries and porcelain in Glubok, and the ceilings are decorated with carved elements from wood. Surrounds the castle is a huge English garden of almost 200 hectares.

Hluboká Castle

Anyone can get on an excursion to Glubok Castle. If you wish, you can inspect all the premises of the castle, but for entering the tower, private apartments will have to pay extra. It is worth considering that shooting inside the castle is prohibited.

Hluboká Castle Hluboká Castle Hluboká Castle Hluboká Castle Hluboká Castle Hluboká Castle
Hluboká Castle - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 49.050833
Longitude: 14.441944


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