Czech Republic

Brief description of the country

The Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe with a mild climate and an abundance of mineral springs. Here, on an area of more than 78,000 square kilometers, medieval architecture harmoniously combines with modernity. The population is more than 10 million people, the official language is Czech, the capital is Prague.

The country has no access to the sea, green plains are replaced by snow-capped mountains. It is famous for Karlovy Vary with healing springs, which are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can relax on the beach on the coast of the Vltava River. To see all the sights of the Czech Republic, one trip is not enough, so travelers come back here. On average, up to 50 million tourists visit the Czech Republic per year.

The climate in the country is moderate, the change of seasons is pronounced: summers are warm, winters are mild but wet. The average temperature in winter is up to -3°C, in summer - up to +20°C. Visits to museums, trips to nature reserves and national parks, beer tasting, river rafting, nightclubs are popular.

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