Covent Garden Theater Covent Garden Theater Covent Garden Theater Covent Garden Theater

Covent Garden Theater

Covent Garden Theater is London's royal opera house and is one of the most iconic buildings in the entire city. The appearance of the building can be considered a reason to stop and visit the attraction. The interior is one of the most beautifully decorated interiors. Locals say the building is home to the Royal Opera and Royal Ballet, two prestigious organizations operating in London.

History of foundation

Covent Garden Theater was built in 1728 after a member of the Duke's Company received enough capital and financial assistance to begin building the Theater Royal. The designer of the first building was Edwards Shepherd, a London-based architect and property developer known for his many architectural endeavors during Britain's Georgian history. The theater opened its doors a few years later, in 1732, when “The Path of the Word” was held on the main stage.

Second theater and war period

The first building for the Covent Garden theater was destroyed by fire in 1808, and construction of the second began immediately. It was designed by Robert Smirke, an English architect who used a variety of architectural styles in his building creations, with particular emphasis on the Greek Revival style. No plays or performances were staged in the theater during World War II, but the grand building was still used for dance, ballet troupes, and opera rehearsals.

Reconstruction of the late 20th century

Reconstruction of the Covent Garden theater began after the 1960s and continued in the following decades. Mostly, other amphitheaters were improved in the 1960s, requiring further renovations in the following decades. Over the course of the decade, extensive renovations were carried out, including renovating the ballet studios, offices, locker rooms and adding an addition to the rear of the building.

Performances of our time

Covent Garden Theater is home to two of the world's great artistic companies, the Royal Opera and Ballet, performing with orchestra. From here, live performances take place almost every night of the week, with 12 productions broadcast annually worldwide via ROH Live Cinema, with a wide range of events streamed online.

Under the artistic direction of Antonio Pappano and Oliver Mears, director of the opera, it presents an extensive program of performances such as George Benjamin's Written on Skin, Lessons in Love and Violence, as well as other revivals and new productions. The Covent Garden Theater seats 2,268 spectators; the British recommend visiting this place when traveling to the UK.

Covent Garden Theater - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 51.513056
Longitude: -0.1225


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