Dubrovnik – is a popular resort of Croatia, which is one of the best European cities. It is worth visiting Dubrovnik, and you will already have a clear picture of the best attractions of the whole country.


All Dubrovnik seems to be belted by the power of fortress walls. The ancient architecture of the city attracts attention with red tiles, as well as large temple buildings. This city will undoubtedly charm everyone who first saw it. In addition, the city welcomes the charming Mediterranean nature. Guests of Dubrovnik enjoy relaxing on its magnificent sandy beaches.

The main attractions of Dubrovnik include, of course, its oldest part, where the Old Town, protected by UNESCO, is concentrated.


In this city, the main entertainment for tourists is fascinating hiking, during which guests learn a lot of new and interesting things about this area. If you want to look at the sights of Dubrovnik from a bird's eye view, then you should climb to the top of the hill, where the funicular leads. There is also the opportunity to see the city beauties from the height of the fortress wall, which is a powerful and reliable environment of the city. It is from a height that an amazing panorama of the city opens from above, which holds a coastline with bays and bays. Such a charming landscape is usually present on postcards and souvenir magnets, symbolizing Croatia.

Not a small number of vacationers rush to this city for the sake of a magnificent beach holiday, because the main beaches of Dubrovnik, as well as the adjacent archipelago, have a fairly developed tourist infrastructure. The local calm atmosphere and conditions are especially to the liking of family vacationers.

A mass of tourists choose the city of Dubrovnik for its amazing walks with narrow streets. Here from the heart you can enjoy wonderful examples of medieval buildings, as well as visit museums, the exhibits of which are numerous historical values.

You can tell a lot of beautiful stories about this wonderful city on the Adriatic Sea, because it really deserves it. It is Dubrovnik that plays a crucial role in the entire economy of Croatia. Its rich history, charming architecture and amazing sea resort and there is the appearance of the whole city.

Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 42.65
Longitude: 18.066667


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