Brief description of the country

Croatia with a population of over 4 million is located in southern Europe and partly on the Balkan Peninsula, bordering the Adriatic Sea. It occupies an area of more than 56.5 thousand square kilometers, the capital of Zagreb is recognized as the largest city.

In society, the country is associated with an impeccable ecological situation, clean beaches surrounded by pine trees and rocks, and mineral springs. Ski resorts are no less popular: they are equipped no worse than in Austria, but it is cheaper to relax here.

The climate is mixed, the weather depends on the location - mostly hot and dry summers, mild but wet winters. The beach season lasts from May to October. The average temperature on the coast is up to +29°C.

There are many cultural institutions in Croatia, there are even underwater museums with the remains of ships that date back to the 1st century BC. Rafting in the country is considered one of the best in all of Europe, here you can practice any water sport. The whole family is interested in visiting national parks and nature parks.

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