Sha Tin Racecourse

Sha Tin Racecourse was built in 1978 in Hong Kong. 85 thousand people can be here at a time, but initially the capacity was 35 thousand people. Currently there are 20 stables with a capacity of 1260 horses. There is also a horse hospital, a swimming pool, a river gallop and a special racing laboratory on site.

Sha Tin Racecourse

Brief description

Sha Tin Racecourse was created by order of the Minister for New Territories, David Akers-Jones. From 1985 to 1987, he was the chief secretary of Hong Kong and served as acting governor. Many people are still grateful to him for his initiative to unite the people and diversify the leisure time of the population, and increase the tourist flow.

This is the largest horse racing track in Hong Kong. Local residents are big fans of horse racing. Gambling is strictly prohibited throughout China. In the region, this is the only legal way to play for money. This activity is completely controlled by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Bets at Sha Tin Racecourse start from HK$10. The payment and payment system is transparent.

Sha Tin Racecourse

Information for visitors

The entrance ticket to Sha Tin Racecourse costs HK$10 and a seated ticket costs HK$20. In warm, clear weather the roof opens here; if it rains, it closes. Along the entire perimeter there are multimedia screens where you can find out the race schedule, place a bet or watch a replay. Races take place three times a week. The season starts in September and lasts until July.

The track at Sha Tin Racecourse consists of 474 races in 1 season. The life of horses is spent in comfort. Hippodrome employees carefully monitor their nutrition and provide a balanced diet. Training takes place in accordance with established standards. Everyone undergoes regular medical examinations. And if suddenly the horse gets sick, it will immediately receive the necessary qualified care in the hospital that operates on the territory of the complex.

Sha Tin Racecourse is served by the MTR station. It is used exclusively on race days. You can also get here by bus or taxi. Locals say that this place really brings people together and is a great way to spend your free time.

Sha Tin Racecourse Sha Tin Racecourse
Sha Tin Racecourse - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 22.399444
Longitude: 114.206667


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