Brief description of the country

China is considered the birthplace of paper, gunpowder, silk, porcelain and the compass. The People's Republic of China ranks third in the world in terms of territory, and its area is more than 9 million square kilometers. Over 1 billion people live here.

This country in society was nicknamed the Celestial Empire. The fact is that earlier the local ancient peoples considered China the only strange country that is patronized by the sky.

Travelers from all over the world come to China to see the Great Wall of China, ancient temples and tombs, visit Buddhist shrines and visit the Himalayas. Here you can forget about the bustle of everyday life.

The climate is temperate continental, and the tourist season lasts all summer. Every traveler can find entertainment to their liking here. Beijing is the capital of China. Here you can get acquainted with the history of the state and learn about the life of the PRC. Shanghai is a metropolis where advances in technology are concentrated. In Hong Kong there is Victoria Peak, where the cable car is laid. Cultures of different peoples are mixed in Guangzhou.

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