Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China – is the oldest structure of the Chinese people, which emphasizes the power of this country. It was erected about 2 thousand years ago in order to preserve the integrity of the borders of the empire, as well as protect agricultural land from enemy raids. Its main materials were whole forests of trees, mountains of stones, as well as land.

Great Wall of China

It was possible to build a wall on the third attempt for 2700 years. All this time, prisoners of war, peasants, and also prisoners worked here. Not few people died, erecting these huge walls, whose bodies were walled up at the place of excessive labor. That is why the Wall of China is also popularly named – « Cry Wall ». The dimensions of these huge walls are from 6 to 10 meters high and from 5 to 6.5 meters wide. There is no single version about the length of this building, but it is confidently possible to report that it extends at least 5,000 km. The entire wall is divided into three sections, lasting 10,000 whether ( 5000 km ), which were built at different times by different rulers. There are sections of the wall where observation platforms, towers, as well as towers are erected, which, if necessary, using fire and smoke, signaled alarm at different times of the day. Finding yourself in the middle of the country was not so simple. For this, inevitably, it was necessary to go through the main gate, which was locked as soon as it got dark and opened until dawn, whoever it was.

There are many legends about the Great Wall of China, as expected. One of them says: a girl with a guy got married, and immediately after her husband’s wedding they send a wall to a large construction site. The spouse, whose name was Maine Jiangnyui, after three years did not return to his home, where his beloved was waiting for him. The wife collects things and goes to him to see each other and bring delicious food and warm things. But then she learns that his beloved died of hard work, and his body is under the heavy stone foundations of the wall. The young girl cried sobbing and, suddenly, a huge building plot fell, where Maine Jiangnyui lay. In their beliefs, the Chinese immortalized the memory of the overwhelming work of people who were engaged in the construction of the wall.

Great Wall of China

Now, at the entrance of the restored section of the wall, an inscription is visible that is applied by Mao Jie Dong himself, which means the following: "If you have not visited the Great Wall of China, you are not a real Chinese".

Milion tourists come from all over the world every year to see for themselves the Great Wall of China, which in the past easily performed its functions. This powerful building simply exceeds all the expectations of travelers. It is staggering in today's time, despite the fact that approximately 40 kilometers of construction have been destroyed, and the height has crouched, in some of its places, to two meters.

Great Wall of China Great Wall of China Great Wall of China Great Wall of China Great Wall of China Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 40.416667
Longitude: 116.083333


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