Zhangjiajie National Park

Zhangjiajie is a national park of China, created in 1982 on an area of 13,000 km2 in the mountains of Ulinjuan. These places are known for the fact that the local unique landscapes have become a prototype for the soaring mountains in the James Cameron movie Avatar".

Zhangjiajie National Park

The peaks of the Ulinjuan massif, crowned with a green hat, rise hundreds of meters above the jungle. Some even have their own names. To attract tourists, the mountains were given the second name "drunking Pandora Mountains", and the peak of Jiankunzhu is called "Hallelujah, Avatar". The height of the Ulinjuan Mountains reaches 3 km, and they are all cut by rainforests, caves, rivers with waterfalls. Tourists, as a rule, come here from the village of Zhangjiaze and the city of Daun. For the local population, admission here is free, but tourists will have to lay out 15 yuan. For convenience, 5 routes for tourists were laid here, and restaurants and hotels were built. In memory of Zhangjiajie, you can buy the original products of local masters from the Tujia, Bo, Miao people who have lived here for many generations.

In addition to the amazingly beautiful rocks, Zhangjiajie has a very rich flora and fauna. Indeed, over five hundred species of animals live in these parts, and plants that do not occur anywhere else grow. To protect nature in the mountains, the Tianjishan geopark was founded nearby, as well as the Sosiyiy park, known for its huge cave, Juanlun. According to rough estimates, the hall of this cave can accommodate up to 10,000 people.

Zhangjiajie National Park

Another attraction is the Bylong elevator - the highest free-moving elevator. Up to 50 people can fit in his two-story cab. The elevator delivers everyone 360 meters high, where the observation deck is located, transparent elevator walls add additional extreme. Therefore, without impressions, it is impossible to leave here.

Zhangjiajie National Park can be visited anytime. In the winter season, although it’s cool, but the sheltered white veil park looks like landscapes from fairy tales. With the advent of spring, flowers bloom with all the colors of the rainbow, and in the fall a real riot of colors comes. In summer, fogs are not uncommon, carrying coolness with them.

Zhangjiajie National Park Zhangjiajie National Park Zhangjiajie National Park Zhangjiajie National Park Zhangjiajie National Park Zhangjiajie National Park
Zhangjiajie National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 29.266667
Longitude: 110.366667


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