Yoho National Park

Yoho - Canada National Park, organized back in 1886 in the Rocky Mountains on an area of 1313 km2. From the east, the park is adjacent to Banff National Park, on the south side with Kutenei. With these parks, as well as the Jasper National Park and another 3 regional parks, it forms a World Heritage Site - Canadian Rockies.

Yoho National Park

In the national park, Joho absorbed all the best in Canada: the most picturesque landscapes, deep lakes. swift rivers, high peaks with glaciers. The most noticeable attraction in the park is the Takakkou waterfall, and its name translates as "it is amazing". It is the second highest waterfall in the country. From its upper point to the lower 384 meters, and the melt waters of glaciers feed it, so in winter the waterfall is practically invisible. In the summer, Takakkou appears before visitors in all its glory. Another attraction is the River of a Fumbling Horse, which, to its name, behaves playfully and unpredictably. The river sharpened a bridge from the boulder, which used to be a waterfall, but over time the river sharpened the rock and went on a different channel. Near the river is an amazing Emerald Lake. The water in the lake really has a greenish shine, and its serene smoothness reflects the majestic three-kilometer giants - peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

The plant world of Joho Park is very rich, here you can easily meet: deer, roe deer. bears, coyotes, wapiti, mountain goats, there are also up to 200 species of birds.

Yoho National Park

In Joho Park, karst caves and canyons are also found. In places, ancient pet fossils even come across. The conservation of nature is watched by the leadership of the park, whose office is located in the village of Field, and the tourist center of the park is located there.

Due to the close location of the central highway of Canada, many tourists call in Yoho Park. Among the objects of interest to them is the ancient village, located between the Mount Field and Wapta mountains, near Field. You can only get here with the accompaniment of the guide. This area is called Burges Sheil and is listed as a World Heritage Site. And not in vain, when then 530 million here splashed the sea, which left behind many remains of marine animals: ringworms, shellfish, sponges. In July - September, an exhibition of fossil marine organisms is held here.

Yoho National Park Yoho National Park Yoho National Park Yoho National Park Yoho National Park Yoho National Park
Yoho National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 51.395278
Longitude: -116.353333


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