Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley is Australia's main winery region. The name of the area came from the Barossa ridge, named after the victory of the British over the French in the same place in 1811. On the territory of the valley of 912 km2 concentrated about 150 vineyards and 70 wine cellars. In some cellars, entrance is open for everyone, the rest can be visited by pre-arranging the time of arrival.

Barossa Valley

The main cities of the valley: Tanunda, Angaston and Naroutpa, and the culture of each varies quite significantly due to different ethnic composition. The town of Tanunda, for example, was built by German immigrants in the 1840s. German life and traditions have been preserved in the city today, and since the Germans came mainly from the province of Silesia in Prussia, then they sometimes call the valley "New Silesia". Naroutpa was built by English and German immigrants and is the economic center of the region. The impetus for the development of Angaston was given by English miners from Cornwall, as well as other British, so it is considered the city of the British.

Almost the entire population of the Barossa Valley is engaged in winemaking. Vineyards here stretch for many kilometers. The best view of the valley opens from Mount Mengler Hill, with which you can see all the vineyards. Every year there are wine festivals that attract tourists from all over the world. During the holiday, you can try wines from manufacturers such as Grant Burge, Peter Lehmann, Torbreck, Orlando Wines, Yalumba, Kaesler, Saltram, Penfolds, Rockford, Wolf Blass, Elderton, Glaetzer and Seppelts. In February, Adelaide hosts the Wine Cellar festival, and in April, the Wine Month takes place". In August, local residents and guests of the region walk on the "Gastronomic Weekend in Barosse".

Barossa Valley

Local travel companies have developed different routes for travelers. On the territory of the Barossa Valley, you can drive a retro car, bicycle, motorcycle, helicopter or even in a balloon. Traveling along the route you can get acquainted with the gastronomic delights of South Australia, try local cheeses, bread, smoked meat, going along the path of the butcher, baker and cheese maker. Well, if the tourist chooses the "historical route", then they will show him the cellar of winemakers, galleries of local artists, antique shops and workshops. Traveling along this route, guides will show old photos of the region, tell its story.

Walking in these places you can look into the cellar with a hundred-year history, and their owners are happy to invite guests to a wine tasting. If this proves to be scarce, tourists can visit a local golf club or SPA lounges where they are treated with plant-based drugs.

Barossa Valley Barossa Valley Barossa Valley Barossa Valley Barossa Valley Barossa Valley
Barossa Valley - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -34.533333
Longitude: 138.95


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