Bukovel is one of the largest ski resorts in Ukraine, located at the foot of the mountain of the same name in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. The ski season in Bukovel begins in November and continues until April.


The history of the resort began in 2000 when they signed an agreement on the construction of a recreational complex operating year-round. A year later, the first 691 meter-long lift appeared on the northern slope of the mountain. In September 2002, a cable car and a highway appeared on the northwest slope. In 2003, about 50 thousand people already rested at the resort, in 2011 there were more than a million tourists, of which approximately 10% were foreigners.

The entire infrastructure of the resort is located on the slopes of five mountains: Bulchineha ( 1455 m ), Dovga ( 1372 m ), Black Tleva ( 1241 m ), Babi Pogar ( 1180 m ). In total, there are 62 tracks in the Bukovel resort, from 3,000 to 2,350 meters long, and the total length of the tracks is about 60 kilometers. For quick lifting to the tracks, 16 lifts are equipped, which can raise up to 35 thousand people in an hour. In case there is not enough snow, then snow cannons are launched, which are available on all tracks, and special equipment is monitored for the proper condition.


In addition to ski slopes, the resort has sports grounds, a climbing wall, horseback riding, bicycles, dog sledding, snowmobiles and ATVs. Fans of less active leisure can go to the entertainment center to play bowling, billiards and more. In Bukovel, you can also heal in mineral springs, swim in the famous Bukovelic vats. You can improve your health under the supervision of doctors at the balneological center.

Bukovel Bukovel Bukovel Bukovel Bukovel Bukovel
Bukovel - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 48.355833
Longitude: 24.409167


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