Barceloneta is a collection of picturesque narrow streets where there are countless seafood restaurants. This is one of the brightest attractions in Spain. The Old Town quarter is often called Little Barcelona. It is like a giant wedge entering the Mediterranean Sea.


History of creation

The Barceloneta area arose during the construction of a new pier in the 18th century. It was inhabited mainly by fishermen and sailors. The project of the new area was carried out by military engineers, which explains the straight, strict lines of the streets and the same type of buildings of similar height.

Until 1858, it was forbidden to build houses higher than 2 floors here. The area was inhabited by poor people. At the beginning of the 18th century. Catalonia was defeated in the war of succession to the empire. King Philip V of Bourbon decided to build a citadel to strengthen his power. The residents who lived on the site of the future fortress were moved to a specially built Barceloneta. The cannons of the citadel were aimed at her to intimidate her. Later, the fortress was demolished and a beautiful park was built in its place.


Features of Barceloneta

The convenient location of the area contributed to the construction of ship repair and metallurgical enterprises in the 19th century. One of the first railway lines in Spain was built here. From the middle of the twentieth century. industrial enterprises were moved outside the city. Beaches were built in the area and the tourism business began to develop successfully.

An interesting fact - until 1992 there were no official beaches in Barcelona. By the beginning of the Olympic Games, Barceloneta was renovated, several wonderful beaches and a promenade, alleys and walking paths were equipped.

Barceloneta as a center of attraction

Barceloneta Beach is an excellent place for lovers of active recreation - surfing, yachts. Massage therapists offer their services right on the beach, and numerous cafes and eateries will not leave anyone hungry. The beach is very popular not only because of the usual sea activities, clear water and white sand. An extraordinary sculpture by the architect R. Horn, which is popularly called “cubes,” is installed here. It consists of cubes with windows, placed at random on top of each other.

Between Barceloneta and the new port there is another original sculpture - a giant copper fish by F. Gehry, shimmering in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow. Barceloneta consists of a labyrinth of colorful narrow streets and is filled with numerous restaurants serving Mediterranean and seafood cuisine.

It's easy to take the cable car up Montjuïc Hill from here. The stop is the tower of St. Sebastian. It is made of metal according to the design of the architect K. Buigas. At an altitude of 86 m it houses a cozy restaurant. Visitors to which have an excellent opportunity to admire the picturesque views from a bird's eye view.

Additional information

The Historical Museum of Catalonia is located in the building of a former port warehouse. It has been hosting thematic historical exhibitions since 1880, and even has interactive exhibits.

In the most expensive and popular restaurant, Can Majo, which offers dozens of types of seafood dishes, you need to reserve a table in advance. Despite the high prices, it is always crowded. The best cuttlefish ink risotto in the world is prepared here!

In the old restaurant Ramonet on Makinista Street, the tables are wine barrels.

In one of the most beautiful squares of Barceloneta stands the unique Church of Sant Miguel, made in the Baroque architectural style. It was built in 1753, when the quarter was being built up. In 1863, it was restored and significantly increased in size so that it could accommodate the increased number of parishioners.

The Barceloneta quarter is not particularly luxurious, like other areas of Barcelona. It attracts with its numerous restaurants and cafes with traditional and seafood cuisine, magnificent beaches, including nudist ones, and a friendly atmosphere of communication.

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Barcelineta - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 41.379889
Longitude: 2.189361


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