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Teotihuacan – a very famous historical area located in Mexico. This tourist attraction is the ruins of an ancient Indian settlement, where various temple complexes, as well as pyramids, were located. The main buildings of Teotihuacan, which attract many tourists to themselves, are two pyramids with the name of the Moon and the Sun.

The legendary Teotihuacan is located 50 km away. from the Mexican city of Mexico City.

Theotihuacan builders remained unknown, but scientists claim that the city dates back to the 1st century AD e. According to experts, earlier this area was inhabited by about 80 or 120 thousand people. This is a lot that gives the right to say that Teotihuacan belonged to the largest cities in the world. Residents of this area were good artisans known throughout North America. Teotihuacan was powerful, he obeyed many adjacent nations. But, approximately between 650 and 750, the city is being destroyed. The huge buildings here were crushed along with beautiful sculptures, and the tombs – were looted. After these merciless actions of the conquerors, which are unknown to modern researchers, the city was never revived in its former beauty and power.

The name of the city came to us from the Aztecs, who settled it a little later. They were sure that he was built by the giants from whom people went. The Aztecs also considered this area « the place of transformation into gods », which means « Teotihuacan ».

The most valuable part of the ancient ruins is the widest prospectus ( 40-50 meters ), the length of which is about 3 km. This road is called Mikkoatli or the Road of the Dead. On the north side, it approaches the Pyramid of the Moon itself, which is a huge stepped structure 40 meters high.

If you turn from the Dead Road to the south side, you can see the Pyramid of the Sun, which is also a very important historical building. Its height is 65 meters, and the volume is as much as 770 thousand meters3. To build two of these buildings, it took simply enormous costs of materials, as well as not one thousand working hands. But, it is worth noting that these pyramids were built simultaneously, which means that the state was really rich and powerful.

Excursion to an ancient city necessarily includes a climb to one of the pyramids. From its height opens up an incredible view of the entire prehistoric attraction.

Teotihuacan - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 19.69167
Longitude: -98.84167


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